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Family Stories

Share your story with future generations.

Do you want to pass the story of your life to your kids and grandkids, but feel overwhelmed by the task?

Reflect & Record produces audio, video, and multimedia memoirs that preserve the priceless stories and experiences of your life. Your stories, told in your own voice, with your unique expressions, are invaluable to future generations. Recording a memoir is a legacy that will be passed down from generation to generation. Choose your medium, and we’ll guide you through the easy and enjoyable process of creating your memoir.

Do you have a favorite relative whose stories you want to preserve?

So often, we’ll lose a loved one and then think of all the questions we wished we could have asked them, the things we wish we knew about their lives. Commissioning a memoir for a special person in your life gives you the opportunity to record your favorite stories that they’ve told you over the years, find out more about their lives, and preserve their memories.

Do you need a way to tell and share the story behind a special occasion?

If you’re celebrating a special event with your family and friends, we can create a presentation that will share the story behind the occasion. Maybe you’re getting married and want to tell the story of how you met and fell in love during your rehearsal dinner. Or perhaps you’re having a retirement party, and you want to share how meaningful your work has been to your life. Let people know why you’re celebrating. Our Milestone Moments are professional multimedia presentations that guests will remember, and you can watch again and again.

Perfect for: Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, new baby, retirements, memorial services.

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